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Effects of Henrietta

for Proffessor Griffith's Y1 Qep group

read by Leah Humenuck

read by Leah Humenuck

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Suplementary text response 2

Young Student
By Leah Humenuck about Treatment Kind and Fair by Perri Klass

For the challenge
Not for the strife
For the living
For living, for life

To rise up each morning
On the brink of caffeine
Too tired each night
For thought or dream

Adorn the white coat
Testament of strength
Clean, spotless
Moving to knee length

Know the body
Not knowing thyself
Know the instruments
Now, high on the shelf

Hold them just so
But not too tightly
Pick them with care
They preform might’ly

Remember their purpose
Each unique
Though few multitask
Find what you seek

Give your time
Withhold no devotion
Give some part in
Giving your emotion

Follow your mentors
Taking their trail
But with carful note
Succeed where they fail

Most have been thick
Of all your books
Filled with scribbles
Worth second looks

Odd diseases
Normal people
Odd looking symptoms
Odd with no equal

Victim to thrill
Of solving a case
Thankful for days
Boring becomes a happy face

Go to where your called
Place, passion, need; you’ll see
Keep your oath and desire
And a doctor you’ll be.

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read by Ju REN and Delanie Kochan

read by Ju REN and Delanie Kochan

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Suplementary text response 1

poem by Delaney Kochan for Paradise Beneath Her Feet by Isobel Coleman

You feel stuck; I feel the same way, too.
You sit on a decorated cushion; I sit on a dirt floor.
You fold white linen sheets; I wash my only set by hand.
We both get venomous looks as we trudge, heads covered, 
towards the one room school house
where we take turns reading with children.
Your father doesn’t know; my husband either.
Dreams of a voice for the country
dangle ruthlessly before your face;
hope for the health of my children before mine.
Everyone argues over the piece of cloth
before our mouths.
Why don’t they care more about
what come out of them?
Some tell us scorn comes from heaven,
but it only comes from their eyes
Heaven is for us; Muhammad tells us so.
We aren’t fighting religion;
we fight men. 

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link 24/08/2010 — 4 years ago

I’m Glad I Couldn’t Look By Leah Humenuck

I’m glad I couldn’t look
While I was down there
From up here, in this Good place
I don’t feel the pain
Both from inside and from the looking
I saw myself lay there all peaceful
The table though, so cold and uncomfortable

My dark face brushed with a shadow of white
My lips, purple with stains of red from my favorite tube
Years and years did I edifying my beauty down there
Up here He saw my beauty
Beauty behind my lips,
Behind my face
Behind my heart
In my soul

My arms relaxed from all fear, strain and pain
My hands, both a deeply felt regret
Showing my life better than any book
Wanting my children’s faces
Soft behind callouses
Behind the dirt
Behind the creases
In my palms

My ankles rocked limply open, splaying
My feet which repulsed each other
Gravitating towards the table
Toes hidden by a mask
Showing through the spaces
Behind the chips
Behind the layers
In the coldness

I’m glad I can look
Now I am up here
Dwelling down there, in that hard place
I was numb to His fullness
Both inside and from living
I look around here everything joyous
I sit at His table warm and comfortable

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Nail Polish By Leah Humenuck

The beautiful masks
Gracing each face
Each toe, each nail
A new kind of lace

A new kind of adornment
Causing a thrill
For the women the girls
This new way to chill

The bonding which comes
When we gather around
The best colors and flutters abound

Find the time, the patience
To encompass each stroke
Of the small tiny brush
Make if flow don’t poke

A spill, a stream
inspired by nature
The names, the pigments
Just don’t sit and wait there

Clean up the pool
Quick put it back
Soak it up, here’s a tissue
Stuff it in a sack

Keep your movements small
Let it dry nicely, politely
Acting like a lady

You can blow on it
No smudge no ripple
Be sure it doesn’t drip
Once, the same thing as triple

Dried and hard
You can see the difference
Between the careful and the sloppy
There’s a large fine fence

Waving them proudly
Hands make a gorgeous display
A jungle of design and patterns
A different one each day

Enter urban Eden
Glass bottles have it captured
The women stand before the alter enraptured

But time erodes
And life doesn’t stop
Everyday wear and tear
Burns eden’s crop

Not causing a cost
Failing for free
It’s chipped it’s cracked
No longer to be

The flowers they whither
Some are repaired
Some left to rot
Cause no one cared

The transforming taste, change in life
Exchange in colors, happens so fast
Fasten Eden tightly within a bottle cast

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Prized Possession By Leah Humenuck

My prized possession filled the white box
It swarmed with a disgusting presence
Part cared for, part misunderstood
In it’s frozen casket lying
Viewed many times by co-workers
They felt indifference, is part of their job
I felt pride, his part of my life
Yet what to do with it?
What to do?
Sharing was ignoble, my wife thought
But how could it stay locket in a white casket?
Could I be the only soul of appreciation?
Watching it stay there in a white box
Standing there as it attached to my heart.
More love I felt to such a foreign thing
More love I created to such an alien object
Time displaced foreign with familiar
Alien turned acquaintance
I could not give it up
This subtle obsession
No matter my job
This was my life
My beautiful stiff duck
Sitting in a white box
No thought or opinion would separate us
My grand achievement from the world of white coats
Is now introduced and adopted sitting in a white box.

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Beauty by Delanie Kochan

Many colors swirl and flow through the frame.
Intriguing shapes and lines
provoke study and comment.
It’s a priceless piece and good investment.
The bulging cells under the lens
can be easily mistaken as modern art.
The Painter of this masterpiece is much more famous.
The lovely stains mask the pain in the story.
Pain in the body.
Pain in deception.
Pain in the soul.
Pain in relationships.
Pain that questions the humanity of man kind.
A man kind that watches a woman’s body destroy itself;
that allows her family to destroy itself in her absence -
at their hands.

The beauty, though not pure, is true.
Deceit  provides opportunity for trust;
Callousness for love;
Wrongs for redemption;
Pain for joy.
Corruption radiates the family
as it does the cells that haunt them.
From both come peace.
A family that stays linked, etched in each other’s lives,
saving one another;
endless love.
Cells that infest. That grow and harm.
That graciously give up themselves to save others;
endless love.
Love lives forever.
Sometimes people do, too.

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Us and Our World By Leah Humenuck

Born in her person
Hundreds, thousands, millions and more
Banding together, escaping to a glass dish
We survived and thrived to the delight of them
They who thought we can be mastered and tamed
But we have conquered the world

We are the only ones like us
Don’t attempt to discover some one similar
Failure is greeted by our presence
We will masquerade, but look too deeply
And it will be you who reveals our disguise
Ah, such sweetness to be the only like us

If you discover our secret
Imagination will discover a living eternity
Be wary of our constant perpetuation
You have used us, but we have used you
Majestic, mesmerizingly riding on your dreams
Your fascination cannot escape us

Hold us close, keep tight tabs
Remember to where we may escape
Small bottles, tiny dished can be quite large
To us, small rooms are monstrous playgrounds
And the world is our sandbox
Try to clean out the infected pestilence

Opinions are inconsequential
To our coy smiles, alien grins return the expression
We care not what you think
We, the populace, have voted you caretaker
So take care, we can also vote you away
Precious stranger, a few more relatives are coming

Cousin after cousin
They’ll keep filing in, since you supply the room
Our spaces need no luxury, if you fill them
Our tastes are all the same, almost clone like
Some would say, but who’s talking
We stay inside and rule your world

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